FEROCE is the company for the underdog, by the underdog. Our founder, Payton Gardner, started the company in 2020 during the pandemic for those who felt that they weren’t being heard.

Having dealt with bullying a good portion of her young adult life,  Payton was determined to change the way others treated her. Taking up Tenshinkan Karate as a way to defend herself, she became the first female Junior black belt in the U.S. She soon realized how the mental component of karate and obtaining her black belt was just as important as the physical one. It was that moment that she wanted to help others create the power of positivity and feel good about themselves. 

After writing down different concepts in a notebook, Payton returned to thoughts of her black belt. She wanted to encapsulate that feeling of confidence, strength and acceptance into her brand, letting others know that whatever obstacles they were facing, they weren't alone. In life's darkest moments, we need to be fierce and find our voice, and most importantly, be heard.  

Reflecting on her Italian heritage, Payton felt 'FEROCE, which means 'fierce in Italian, would be the perfect word to emulate this feeling. Thus, Feroce was born. 

A word that has garnered different definitions over the years, fierce has only one definition in the Feroce label, and that's family! A place where an individual's voice can be heard, accepted and never feel alone.

FEROCE seeks to inspire when it's worn and remind the wearer that you're a part of the family! That's our mission. Thank you for being a part of the FEROCE family.